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The Bristol Blockchain Society, a non-profit group from the University of Bristol, is increasing its involvement in the Aave community, aiming to participate more in governance, discussions, and educational initiatives. The society, which has previously contributed to blockchain projects like Arbitrum and dYdX, assures that their decisions will prioritize the Aave ecosystem's best interests, and they are not liable for any potential losses from their governance involvement.

The Bristol Blockchain Society, a non-profit organization based at the University of Bristol, has recently become more involved in the Aave community. Established in November 2022, the society is composed of approximately 50 active members from diverse academic fields. They are dedicated to advancing blockchain education and have a history of active involvement in the governance processes of several blockchain projects, including Arbitrum and dYdX. The society joined the Aave Governance Forum in July 2022 and is now eager to take on a more significant role within the Aave ecosystem. Their goals include engaging in discussions, participating in governance, fostering connections, organizing educational initiatives, and collaborating with the Aave team1.

BristolBlockchain has expressed their commitment to the Aave ecosystem, emphasizing that their participation in projects like dYdX and the Arbitrum ecosystem is driven by a genuine passion for blockchain technology. They assure the community that their decisions will always prioritize the best interests of the Aave ecosystem and its community. They hold some voting power in the Arbitrum ecosystem and contribute to these projects without any monetary incentives. By delegating to Bristol Blockchain Society, participants acknowledge that the society's involvement in the Aave governance process is in good faith and to the best of their ability. They also clarify that they are not liable for any potential losses or adverse outcomes resulting from their involvement in the governance process1. This commitment to the Aave community and the broader blockchain ecosystem demonstrates the society's dedication and integrity.

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