[ARFC] - ACI Service Provider 6 month Proposal

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The Aave Chan Initiative (ACI) Service Provider 6-Month Budget Proposal (ARFC), introduced by MarcZeller, aims to secure funds for ACI's various activities within the Aave community for the next six months. The proposal, which has progressed to the AIP stage, involves the technical implementation of creating a 180-day stream of 250,000 aUSDT, with the final approval and implementation to be determined by an upcoming community vote.

The Aave Chan Initiative (ACI) Service Provider 6-Month Budget Proposal (ARFC) was introduced by MarcZeller on the discussion board. This proposal, which has already passed a TEMP CHECK via snapshot vote, is designed to allocate funds to the ACI treasury for the next six months. The funds are intended to cover a wide range of ACI's activities within the Aave community, including team compensation, community engagement, research and development, infrastructure costs, tooling subscriptions, marketing, and communications1.

The proposal's primary motivation is to secure the necessary resources for ACI to continue its valuable work and contribution to the Aave ecosystem. If the proposal is approved, a stream of the allocated budget will be activated, with treasury.aavechan.eth as the recipient. The technical implementation of this involves the AIP calling the createStream() method of the IAaveEcosystemReserveController interface to create a 180-day stream of 250,000 aUSDT1.

MarcZeller later confirmed that the ARFC has progressed to the Snapshot stage2 and subsequently to the AIP stage, with voting scheduled to commence the following day3. This progression signifies the community's interest and engagement in the proposal, and the upcoming vote will determine its final approval and implementation.

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