Rating Aave DAO’s maturity with DAOmeter

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Kene_StableLab from StableLab introduced DAOmeter, a system for rating the maturity of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) across various protocols. Despite Aave DAO scoring 77% overall, areas for improvement were identified, particularly in community engagement, and the community was invited to suggest enhancements to the DAOmeter system.

The discussion primarily revolved around the introduction of DAOmeter, a novel maturity rating system for Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), presented by Kene_StableLab from the StableLab team. This system is designed to evaluate and benchmark the maturity levels of various protocols, including but not limited to Community, Voting, Documentation, and Security.

In a practical application of the system, Aave DAO was evaluated and assigned a maturity score of 77%. Despite this relatively high score, there were several areas identified for improvement, particularly within the community category where Aave only managed to score 52%. The issues highlighted include the lack of a scheduled community payroll, absence of proper documentation per role for the DAO, no formal offboarding process, and absence of working groups.

Kene_StableLab made it clear that the maturity score assigned by DAOmeter does not necessarily equate to the level of "decentralization" of a DAO. The community was then invited to share their thoughts and suggestions for improving the DAOmeter scoring system. This discussion underscores the importance of continuous improvement and community involvement in the evolution of DAOs and their evaluation systems.

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