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Cryptocurrency enthusiast and experienced delegate, Saludiego201, is keen to become an AAVE delegate, driven by the vibrant AAVE ecosystem and his core values of communication, learning, and simplicity. His main objectives include promoting AAVE's growth in the Latin community and committing to AAVE's governance experiment, leveraging his previous experience with MakerDAO and fostering strong relationships within the ecosystem.

User Saludiego201, a seasoned cryptocurrency enthusiast and delegate with experience in MakerDAO and El Dorado, has expressed his interest in becoming an AAVE delegate. His decision is driven by the vibrant ecosystem surrounding the AAVE protocol and his desire to contribute his ideas to it. His core values are communication, constant learning, and simplicity, and he aims to represent and listen to each part of the governance while fostering good relationships with all delegates and key players1.

If elected to the AAVE governance pilot program, Saludiego201 has outlined two main objectives. Firstly, he aims to bolster AAVE's growth in the regional ecosystem, particularly focusing on the Latin community. His strategies include creating AAVE in Spanish, promoting the use of AAVE as Lending, leveraging his network of contacts in crypto-related startups in emerging economies, and actively participating in forum debates2.

Secondly, Saludiego201 is committed to AAVE's governance experiment. He envisions the delegate's role as an active participant in the product's development, representing the voters' will. He plans to build strong relationships within the ecosystem, participate in key discussions, and use his previous experience with MakerDAO to support the adoption of GHO in the region2.

In conclusion, Saludiego201's candidacy for the AAVE delegate position is rooted in his experience, commitment to the community, and his clear objectives for AAVE's growth and governance. His focus on integrating the Latin community and his dedication to the free exchange of ideas within the ecosystem make him a strong candidate for the role.

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