BGD. Aave v2/v3 Collectors unification

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Bgdlabs proposes a technical upgrade to unify Aave's ecosystem Collector contracts across all networks, aiming to simplify migration, improve ownership, and reduce overhead for contributors. The proposal, submitted for community approval, includes redirection of fee collection, upgrading aTokens, transferring accrued fees, and re-organizing permissions architecture, with voting set to open soon.

The discussion revolves around a proposed technical upgrade by Bgdlabs to unify the implementation and architecture of Aave’s ecosystem Collector contracts across all networks. The current system, while functional, has room for improvement, including the need for a unified codebase and reduced overhead for contributors. The proposed upgrade aims to address these issues by updating the Collector across all networks, unifying fee collection for Aave v2 and v3 on Polygon and Avalanche, simplifying the migration of Collector’s funds on Aave v2, and improving the ownership and interaction point of Collectors through a new smart contract called ProxyAdmin.

The proposal, which has been submitted for community approval, does not require deep security procedures from the community. However, Bgdlabs has requested a procedural review from Certora and SigmaPrime to complement their testing and internal procedures. The proposal also includes the redirection of the fee collection of Polygon v2 to the v3 unified collector, upgrading the v2 aTokens, transferring all accrued fees (and rewards) on the v2 Collector to the v3 one, and re-organizing permissions architecture. The community's explicit approval is also sought for the Guardian to perform the same actions on Avalanche.

The decision to go with on-chain governance proposal instead of Snapshot was made due to the technical nature of the issue and to facilitate other contributors like Llama with their plans. The voting on this proposal is set to open in approximately 24 hours. This proposal represents a significant step towards improving the efficiency and unification of the Aave ecosystem.

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