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User Oxytocin, a delegate for Aave governance platform with a background in neuroscience, is a strong advocate for decentralisation and open-source in the Web3 space. They aim to enhance governance participation, develop frameworks, conduct ecosystem research, and collaborate with development groups, while maintaining chain agnosticism and supporting the launch of Aave's new product, GHO.

User Oxytocin, a delegate for the Aave governance platform, has a background in neuroscience and a keen interest in the Web3 space, particularly DeFi and DAOs. They are a strong advocate for decentralisation and the open-source nature of the space, and see Aave as a prime example of its potential. They also spend a significant amount of time on ParaSwap, another platform that works closely with Aave, and believe their commitment to Aave's success, familiarity with many of the chains and protocols that Aave could integrate with, and experience working with governance frameworks make them a good delegate1.

Oxytocin's areas of focus include governance participation and framework development, ecosystem research, and collaboration with development groups. They aim to make the DAO easily understood and accessible, research potential points of synergy and development for the Aave DAO, and assist other members in their projects. They have disclosed their significant contributions to the ParaSwap DAO and interest in being a Delegate for Optimism and Arbitrum, assuring that they will remain as chain agnostic as possible for all chains Aave is available in1.

In a subsequent post, Oxytocin announced their submission to be part of the first election of delegates for Aave governance. They outlined two main goals: standardizing the Delegate Platform process and assisting with the documentation of areas of focus within Aave DAO, and supporting the launch of GHO, a new product by Aave. They proposed introducing quantifiable participation metrics, such as achieving a voting rate of at least 75% for all votes during the term, and assisting with its integrations into the wider ecosystem space, including listing the asset on other DAOs, assessing the liquidity of GHO, and ensuring its successful deployment2.

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