Aave Companies: Aave Development Update

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AaveCompanies has made significant contributions to the Aave community, focusing on the development of Aave V3 (V3.0.1), the Staked aToken Primitive, and other projects. Key updates include patches, code optimizations, and minor feature additions to Aave V3, the upcoming stkAAVE upgrade crucial for GHO launch, and the implementation of Balancer Provider Tokens (BPT) as collateral, along with UI improvements and transaction approval enhancements in their app.

The Aave community has seen significant development contributions from AaveCompanies, with a focus on the new version of Aave V3 (V3.0.1), the Staked aToken Primitive, and other projects. The updated Aave V3 (V3.0.1) was developed in response to community feedback and includes patches for low-severity issues, code optimizations, and minor feature additions. This codebase is now being used for Aave Protocol deployments.

In addition to the Aave V3 update, AaveCompanies has been instrumental in the upcoming stkAAVE upgrade, which introduces a slashing mechanism and adds logic to the stkAAVE transfer hook. This upgrade is crucial for the launch of GHO, as stkAAVE holders will be eligible for a discount when borrowing GHO. The GHO has been launched on Testnet, with the mainnet launch pending final approval by Aave Governance.

AaveCompanies has also been working on the implementation of Balancer Provider Tokens (BPT) as collateral since the announcement of the Staked ATokens Primitive. This work has involved meetings with community contributors and the design of the Rewards Centre. Furthermore, they have been focusing on front-end development and UI improvements for the Aave Governance page, including the addition of search functionality and changes to the delegation feature. They are also improving the user experience of approving transactions within their app by replacing more approval transactions with free and instant signatures. This development is part of their contribution to the DAO and they are excited to see the results in the coming months. They also plan to continue updating the community on their progress.

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