[ARC] Proposal for Financial Reports with hyper-granularity

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Unboxing Labs offered to replace Llamaxyz in providing financial reports for the Aave community, sparking interest and discussions about costs and potential funding from the Grants DAO. However, Llamaxyz clarified their ongoing involvement, leading to concerns about double expenses and suggestions for implementing Request for Proposal (RFP) rounds to avoid such issues.

The discussion primarily revolved around the provision of detailed financial reports for the Aave community. Zoebringsjoy from Unboxing Labs initiated the conversation by offering their services as a potential replacement for Llamaxyz, who was presumed to be discontinuing their reports1. This proposal sparked interest among community members, with Float inquiring about the associated costs and the possibility of Unboxing Labs seeking funding from the Grants DAO2. Fig further suggested that Unboxing Labs could apply for the grants program3.

However, Llamaxyz clarified that they are still actively working on Aave's financial reports and have plans to continue doing so4. This clarification led to a concern raised by Jengajojo about the potential for double expenses for the DAO if multiple entities were to provide financial reports. They suggested the community consider implementing Request for Proposal (RFP) rounds for these services to avoid such a scenario5.

In conclusion, while Unboxing Labs' offer to provide financial reports was met with interest, the community is also considering the potential financial implications of having multiple entities providing similar services. The idea of implementing RFP rounds for these services has been proposed as a potential solution to this issue.

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