ARC: Aave Governance Process Improvements

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Kene_StableLab proposed changes to the Aave Governance Process, including renaming Aave Request for Comments (ARCs) to Temperature Checks (TEMP CHECKs) and defining proposal types, to enhance agility and community participation. The proposal received community support, with Jengajojo introducing a comprehensive "Aave Governance Process" guide, and MarcZeller confirming an upcoming vote and the potential deprecation of the term ARC if the new framework is adopted.

The discussion revolved around a proposal by Kene_StableLab to improve the Aave Governance Process, aiming to make it more agile and robust. The proposal suggested renaming Aave Request for Comments (ARCs) to Temperature Checks (TEMP CHECKs) and clearly defining the types of proposals that fall under TEMP CHECKs and Aave Request for Final Comments (ARFCs). The goal is to shorten the lifecycle for mature proposals and enable more community feedback and participation. TEMP CHECKs are proposed to be the first step in the Aave Governance Process, with ARFCs referring to mature and significant technical proposals that require the input of Aave DAO Risk Service Providers.

The proposal received support from community members like MarcZeller and RyanRodenbaugh, who agreed that the current governance guidelines are unclear and the new terminology could encourage more community involvement. Jengajojo introduced a comprehensive guide called the "Aave Governance Process" for contributing to Aave DAO, which outlines the different roles, flow, and pathways for stakeholders to participate in Aave DAO. The guide also outlines the timeline parameters for asset onboarding proposals.

MarcZeller announced that a proposal has been escalated to the Snapshot stage and voting will start the following day. In response to a query from Michigan_Blockchain, MarcZeller clarified that if the new framework is adopted, the term ARC will be completely deprecated in favor of TEMP CHECK. The discussion concluded with a general consensus on the proposed changes, indicating a positive step towards improving the Aave Governance Process.

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