Are the Aave V3 contracts backwards compatible with the Aave V2 contracts?

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The discussion focuses on the complexities of integrating a DAPP with Aave's V2 and V3 codebases, with developer Dakbuk questioning the compatibility of functions and the behavior of aTokens between the two versions. The conversation is crucial for developers facing similar challenges in their projects.

The discussion primarily revolves around the integration of a DAPP with Aave's V2 and V3 codebases. Dakbuk, a developer, has been delving into these codebases and has noticed that certain functions, such as deposit, are maintained in the V3 pool contract to ensure backward compatibility with V2. This has led to a series of questions regarding the assumptions made during the development of their DAPP with V2 and whether these will still be applicable for V31.

Specifically, Dakbuk is seeking to understand if the same functions can be called to interact with the lending pool in V3 as in V2. They are also curious about the behavior of aTokens in the new version, particularly whether they will continue to accrue value in users' wallets over time due to added interest, without any decrease unless an exploit occurs. Furthermore, they are interested in any other potential issues that may arise when integrating their DAPP, originally built for V2, into V31.

In conclusion, the discussion is a deep dive into the intricacies of integrating a DAPP with Aave's V2 and V3 codebases. The main concerns are the compatibility of functions between the two versions, the behavior of aTokens, and any other potential challenges that may arise during the integration process. The outcome of this discussion will be crucial for developers like Dakbuk who are working on similar projects.

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