Google Tag Manager on AAVE Gov pages

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DEJ raised concerns about Google Tag Manager (GTM) on AAVE government pages potentially compromising user privacy and data security. In response, AaveCompanies clarified that GTM use had been paused for two years and has now been completely removed from the platform, reaffirming the community's commitment to privacy and security.

The topic of discussion primarily revolved around the presence of Google Tag Manager (GTM) on the AAVE government pages. DEJ initiated the conversation by expressing concerns about the appropriateness of the information being shared with Google. They suggested that the community should consider discussing the removal of site tracking, highlighting the importance of privacy and data security1.

In response to these concerns, AaveCompanies provided some clarity. They explained that the use of GTM had been paused two years prior, indicating that no data was being actively shared with Google during this period. However, they acknowledged that GTM had not been removed from Discourse, which was the cause of the confusion. To address this, they confirmed that they have now removed GTM from the platform2.

In conclusion, the discussion led to the removal of GTM from the AAVE government pages, addressing the privacy concerns raised by DEJ. This demonstrates the community's commitment to maintaining user privacy and data security.

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