[ARFC] Deploy Ethereum Collector Contract

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Llamaxyz proposed a comprehensive plan to diversify and maximize Aave's Ethereum Collector Contract's holdings, including converting assets to v2 aUSDC, migrating contracts to v3 Ethereum, and acquiring veBAL. The strategy also involves creating a bb-a-USD pool using Aave v3 by Balancer, publishing 3 Snapshots, and migrating DAI and USDT from Aave v2 to v3, aiming to enhance Aave's financial position and yield generation capabilities.

The discussion primarily revolves around Llamaxyz's comprehensive proposal to diversify and maximize the yield of Aave's Ethereum Collector Contract's holdings, which currently total $16,509,957.75. The plan includes converting various assets to v2 aUSDC to ensure a six-month runway for service provider payments, migrating all current and future service provider contracts to v3 Ethereum, and deploying Aave's CRV and aCRV holdings. The proposal also includes a strategy to acquire veBAL by locking the B-80BAL-20WETH token, which requires a significant portion of Aave’s combined wETH and ETH holdings.

The strategy also involves the creation of the bb-a-USD pool using Aave v3 by Balancer, expected to go live by the end of March 2023. The yield and allocation between Balance and Aura Finance contracts are currently difficult to estimate due to the pool not yet being created. The strategy aims to grow Aave’s veBAL holding over time and avoid the veBAL holding being diluted due to the continuous BAL inflation schedule.

Llamaxyz also detailed a plan to publish 3 separate Snapshots, all of which are a subset of the original ARFC post. The first part of the proposal, titled "[ARFC] Consolidate Collector Contract & Secure Service Provider Runway", proposes swapping many long tail assets for aUSDC to be used for Service Provider remuneration. The motivation behind this is that Aave DAO’s service provider aUSDC burn rate exceeds the aUSDC revenue. Consequently, assets held in the Ethereum Collector Contract need to be periodically swapped to USDC and deposited in Aave v2.

The proposal also included a detailed plan for the acquisition of BB-A-USD and depositing equal amounts into Balancer and Aura Finance contracts to earn yield. The expected yield from this strategy is around 9.3%, excluding any boost from Aave's future veBAL holding. The plan also detailed the migration of DAI and USDT from Aave v2 to v3, and the expected Aave v3 holdings after the implementation of Part 2 of 3. After allocating $3.00M to BB-A-USD, Aave will have specific v3 holdings in aethUSDT and aethDAI.

In conclusion, the discussion provides a detailed roadmap for Aave's asset management strategy, with a focus on diversification, yield maximization, and ensuring a sustainable runway for service provider payments. The proposal, if implemented, could significantly enhance Aave's financial position and yield generation capabilities.

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