[ARC] Gauntlet Risk Parameter Updates for Arbitrum and Polygon Aave V3 (2023-03-03)

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Pauljlei's market analysis of GHST, SUSHI, and AAVE, based on Gauntlet's update, showed consistent supply cap usage for GHST and SUSHI on Polygon v3, and a temporary spike for AAVE on Arbitrum v3. The consensus was to maintain current parameters for these assets, with no immediate changes recommended.

The discussion primarily revolved around the market analysis of three assets: GHST, SUSHI, and AAVE, as presented by Pauljlei. The analysis was based on the recent market update by Gauntlet and focused on the performance of these assets on different platforms.

For GHST on Polygon v3, the supply cap usage has remained consistent, fluctuating between 70-80% since February 1st. Similarly, SUSHI on Polygon v3 has shown a steady trend in both supply and borrow cap usage, remaining within the 70-80% range since the start of February. AAVE on Arbitrum v3, however, experienced a spike in supply cap usage to 98% on February 22nd, but it has since decreased to 80%.

Based on these observations, Pauljlei recommended that no changes should be made to the caps of these assets at this time. The discussion did not suggest any immediate next steps, indicating a consensus on maintaining the current parameters for GHST, SUSHI, and AAVE. This analysis and the resulting recommendations provide a comprehensive understanding of the current market dynamics for these assets.

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