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BGD. stataToken v3 is a new EIP-4626 compatible vault/wrapper for Aave V3 that simplifies integrations by representing deposits with a static balance that appreciates over time, featuring benefits like liquidity mining rewards, meta-transactions, and upgradability. The community has responded positively, recognizing its potential to enhance Aave's DeFi presence, and next steps include deploying stataTokens across all Aave V3 instances and encouraging community testing and interaction.

What is this about?

BGD. stataToken v3 is a new initiative introduced by Bgdlabs1 to create an EIP-4626 compatible aToken vault/wrapper for Aave V3 pools. The stataTokens are designed to represent deposits on Aave with a static balance that grows in value over time, rather than in quantity. This is intended to simplify technical integrations and provide users with control over their balance growth. The stataToken vault/wrapper includes features such as full EIP-4626 compatibility, support for liquidity mining rewards, meta-transactions, upgradability by Aave governance, and a stataToken Factory for easy deployment and token registry.

How is the community reacting?

The community has shown support for the stataToken initiative. MarcZeller2 praised the proposal for its potential to ease integration and reinforce Aave's position in the DeFi space. EzR3aL3 discussed the possibility of stataTokens becoming a universal layer for future integrations. Corbpage5 and WintermuteGovernance6 expressed their support, while Fiddlekins7 offered insights from a similar implementation. Bgdlabs8 has announced the deployment of stataToken Factories on all active networks with Aave instances and provided details for community interaction. Sakulstra10,12 shared links to testnet deployments for community testing.

Why this is positive?

  • Simplifies technical integrations with Aave by providing a static version of aTokens.
  • Offers control over balance growth, which can be beneficial for accountants and certain jurisdictions2.
  • Supports potential liquidity mining rewards and is designed to accommodate more rewards in the future without breaking changes.
  • Includes meta-transactions to enable gasless transactions, enhancing user experience.
  • Features upgradability governed by Aave, ensuring long-term adaptability.
  • The stataToken Factory facilitates the deployment of new instances and acts as a token registry, streamlining the process for new tokens listed on Aave V3.

Why this is negative?

We have not been able to determine whether this will be negative.

Next actions

The next steps involve deploying stataTokens for all Aave V3 instances and sharing documentation for community interaction and integration. Community members can also test stataTokens on the Sepolia and Mumbai testnets using the links provided by Sakulstra10,12.

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