Proposal: Giveth x Aave public goods router

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Giveth, an Ethereum-based donation platform, is introducing a feature on Aave that allows users to donate 1% of their withdrawal to public goods, with donations going to the Giveth Matching Pool and Aave DAO earning $GIV through the GIVbacks program. The proposal simplifies the process for Aave users to support charity during transactions and aims to foster a culture of donation and reward contributors to public goods.

The discussion revolved around Giveth, an Ethereum-based donation platform introduced by Yass1. The platform is designed to encourage a culture of donation towards public goods on Aave by implementing a feature that allows users to donate 1% of their withdrawal. The donations are directed towards the Giveth Matching Pool, and in return, Aave DAO earns $GIV through the GIVbacks program1.

Giveth's primary focus is to revolutionize the future of giving using web3 technology. It aims to support and reward the funding of public goods by creating an open, transparent, and free access to funding opportunities within the Ethereum ecosystem. On their DApp, all donations go directly to the project, and donors to verified projects receive GIVbacks as a reward. To participate in the GIVbacks program and reward donors with GIV, projects must submit an application for verification to confirm their status as a Public Goods project1.

The proposal aims to simplify the process for Aave users to support charity during their transactions. The idea is to include a checkbox on the Aave app, which when ticked, donates 1% of the user's withdrawal value to the Giveth Matching Pool. This initiative not only allows Aave to establish a presence in the public goods space but also enables the DAO to receive $GIV back for their donations via the GIVbacks program1.

The Giveth Matching Pool is designed to collect and distribute funds through the GIVmatching program. There is a tentative plan to launch a year-round donation matching program for verified projects on their platform, which will be activated once it has accumulated 500,000 DAI equivalent of funds1. This discussion signifies a significant step towards fostering a culture of donation and rewarding those who contribute to public goods.

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