Deploy Aave v3 on Scroll testnet

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The proposal by Scroll_zkEVM to deploy Aave V3 on the Scroll testnet, an Ethereum-native zkEVM Layer 2 solution, is under discussion, aiming to enhance Ethereum's scalability and capture the zkEVM market early. The Scroll team has launched their mainnet, plans to deploy Aave on it, and is currently awaiting a technical risk assessment, with community members expressing support for the proposal due to its benefits of L2 diversity and EVM-equivalence.

The discussion continues to revolve around the proposal by Scroll_zkEVM to deploy Aave V3 on the Scroll testnet1. This initiative aligns with Aave's objective of becoming a multi-chain system and leveraging the advantages of zk rollups, a significant advancement in Ethereum scaling. Scroll's solution, which is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), would facilitate a seamless transition of Aave's codebase without necessitating additional engineering resources1.

Scroll, an Ethereum-native zkEVM Layer 2 solution, aims to enhance Ethereum's scalability without compromising security. It offers EVM equivalence and developer friendliness, allowing developers to operate in a familiar environment without the need to learn a new language or trust custom architecture1. The proposal suggests that deploying Aave V3 on Scroll would enable Aave to capture the zkEVM market early and contribute to the evolution of Layer 2 user behavior1.

The Scroll testnet is live and its ecosystem is growing rapidly, with over 900k unique wallet addresses since January 2023 and an average of over 500k transactions per day1. Scroll's zk rollup is currently the most secure Layer 2 scaling solution, relying solely on cryptography. The Scroll team plans to first submit the necessary snapshots for deploying Aave v3 on their testnet, following community guidelines and collaborating with BDG Labs. The full deployment is expected to take 2-3 weeks1.

Community members such as MarcZeller and Kene_StableLab have expressed their support for the proposal, citing the benefits of L2 diversity and EVM-equivalence, which would allow for the deployment of Aave on the new network with minimal development work2,3. The low cost of deployment on the devnet makes exploring this new L2 frontier a viable option2. The community is eager to advance the proposal3.

EzR3aL asked about the project's status, noting that Chainlink feeds are now live on the mainnet and inquiring about any plans for deployment4. In response, Scroll_zkEVM from the Scroll team announced the launch of their mainnet and their intention to proceed with the governance process to deploy Aave on the Scroll mainnet5. They also revealed that they have already accumulated over 34M in bridged TVL and 17M in DeFi TVL, with over 2M transactions and 700K unique addresses on-chain. They have onboarded numerous DeFi and infrastructure applications, as well as many Scroll-native projects5.

The Scroll team passed the Temp Check to deploy an Aave v3 MVP deployment in June and are currently awaiting the technical risk assessment. They have provided preliminary information to facilitate the process and reduce the workload for the DAO5. EzR3aL then asked Bgdlabs if they were aware of this for making a technical/infrastructural report for Aave and Scroll6. Bgdlabs confirmed that the technical/infrastructural analysis is in progress and updates will be provided soon7.

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