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Bizarrenebula's father faced issues while swapping amWETH and amUSDC tokens for ETH on the AAVE platform via Trust Wallet, with some transactions stuck on pending or incomplete despite manual updates to 'Success'. Additionally, Bizarrenebula accused an unidentified team of attempted scam, though it's unclear if this is related to the token swap issue.

The discussion primarily revolves around the issue faced by Bizarrenebula's father while attempting to swap tokens on the AAVE platform. The tokens in question were amWETH and amUSDC, and the swap was intended to convert these into ETH on the Polygon network. The operation was conducted using Trust Wallet in October '22. However, complications arose when some of the swap transactions got stuck on pending after the tokens were sent to a null address. Despite the tokens being sent, the equivalent amount was not received back in the wallet.

Polygon support was able to assist with one of the transactions, successfully completing it. However, two other transactions remained incomplete, even though they were manually updated to 'Success'. Following this, Polygon support directed Bizarrenebula to the AAVE platform for further assistance. This issue remains unresolved and Bizarrenebula is actively seeking help to rectify it.

In a separate development, Bizarrenebula has raised accusations against an unidentified team, alleging that they attempted to scam them. The details of this accusation are not clear, and it is unknown whether this incident is related to the aforementioned token swap issue. The discussion continues as community members and support teams work towards resolving these issues.

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