January 2023 Financial Report

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In January 2023, Llamaxyz reported a 32% revenue increase for the community, attributing it to Ethereum v3, and total treasury holdings of $152 million. The community is encouraged to propose additional financial metrics for a comprehensive set, fostering transparency and active participation in the organization's financial aspects.

The community's financial status for January 2023 was presented by Llamaxyz, highlighting a significant 32% month-on-month revenue increase. The total treasury holdings were reported to be $152 million, with an annualized revenue of $16.3 million. This financial growth has been attributed to the introduction of Ethereum v3, which has opened up a new source of income for the community.

Llamaxyz has also encouraged members to engage in discussions about the report and propose any additional financial metrics they would like to see incorporated. The ultimate aim is to develop a comprehensive set of financial metrics that would enable any member to publish accurate financial content on Aave, utilizing the data from the Llama data warehouse1. This initiative is expected to foster transparency and encourage active participation from the community members in the financial aspects of the organization.

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