AGD Renewal 4: Recent work Updates

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The Aave Grants DAO (AGD) has funded 259 projects out of 2317 applications since May 2021, dispersing over $5 million primarily towards applications and integrations, with 68.5% of these grants being complete/live. Despite 5.9% of grants being inactive, the AGD has positively impacted the Aave ecosystem by fostering innovation and growth, as evidenced by the completion of several projects and ongoing work on others.

What is this about? The Aave Grants DAO (AGD) has been actively funding projects since its inception in May 2021. As of October 2023, the program has received 2317 applications, approved 259, and dispersed a total of $5,113,753, primarily towards applications and integrations [0xmigi - 12]. The grants have been distributed across various categories, including applications and integrations, code audits, committees & DAOs, community, developer tooling, events, and protocol development. The status of these grants shows 68.5% are complete/live, 25.6% are in-progress, and 5.9% are inactive.

Several projects funded in the past have completed their milestones, including Tally's integration of Aave’s governance, Philand's Aave quests, Projection Finance's multichain Aave V3 simulations app, and Cryptoversidad's GHO explainer video series. Other past grantees have also reached important milestones, including Apy Vision's near completion of their Aave integration, iHELP's preparation and testing of their codebase for deployment on Ethereum mainnet, and SimBull's initial build of their protocol on Polygon integrating the Aave contracts3.

How is the community reacting? The community has been actively participating in the Aave Grants DAO, with 0xmigi providing regular updates on the Aave governance forum12. The community has shown interest in the various projects funded by the AGD, with discussions revolving around the benefits of Console for Aave users, the internationalization of DeFi Simulator's Aave debt simulator, Protofire's work on a Credit Delegation Marketplace on Aave, and Silent Protocol's plan to bring private DeFi to Aave users.

Why this is positive? The Aave Grants DAO has been instrumental in funding and supporting various projects that contribute to the Aave ecosystem. The grants have been distributed across a wide range of categories, with a significant focus on applications and integrations. The AGD continues to receive and approve new grant applications, fostering innovation and growth within the Aave community. The recent completion of several projects and the ongoing work on others demonstrate the positive impact of the AGD on the Aave ecosystem.

Why this is negative? While the Aave Grants DAO has been largely successful, there are still some areas of concern. The status of all grants shows that 5.9% are inactive, indicating that some projects funded by the AGD have not been successful or have been abandoned. Additionally, the continuation proposal for AGD is still pending, which could potentially impact the future operations of the AGD.

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