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In 2023, Gauntlet significantly contributed to Aave's market risk management through quantitative research, risk recommendations, and the development of methodologies like the Value at Risk (VaR) and the Synchronicity Price Adapter "Killswitch" Functionality for LST Emode. Despite some community concerns about frequent updates, Gauntlet's comprehensive work and proactive approach to risk monitoring have been positively received and instrumental to Aave's growth, with plans to continue their work, including further risk analysis and supporting community initiatives.

What is this about? Throughout 2023, Gauntlet has been a key player in market risk management for Aave, a decentralized finance protocol. Their work has encompassed quantitative research, risk recommendations, risk modeling, and risk monitoring. They have also been instrumental in the development and implementation of various methodologies and recommendations, such as the Value at Risk (VaR) methodology and the Synchronicity Price Adapter "Killswitch" Functionality for LST Emode 6,7,12. In October 2023, they conducted extensive research on stablecoin peg and continued to work on the implementation of the Killswitch Functionality for LST Emode12.

How is the community reacting? The community has generally responded positively to Gauntlet's work. Kene_StableLab expressed excitement about the value Gauntlet has been providing to Aave3. However, Thewatcher questioned the need for updates on the forum, suggesting that they lead to bloat and were a tactic used by teams desperate for attention4. In October 2023, Pauljlei shared a summary of Gauntlet's market risk management work with Aave, highlighting their research, recommendations, risk modeling, monitoring, and feature upgrades12.

Why this is positive? Gauntlet's work has been comprehensive and impactful, contributing significantly to Aave's market risk management. Their ongoing commitment to providing valuable insights and recommendations, as well as their proactive approach to risk monitoring and alerting, has been instrumental in Aave's growth and development. They have also been responsive to security incidents, providing continuous Aave market updates and launching an updated Account Explorer feature on the Gauntlet Aave Dashboard12.

Why this is negative? Despite the overall positive impact of Gauntlet's work, there have been concerns raised by community members like Thewatcher about the frequency of updates on the forum, suggesting that they may lead to information overload and could be perceived as a tactic used by teams desperate for attention4.

Looking ahead, Gauntlet plans to continue their work with Aave, including implementing further recommendations, providing risk analysis on Aave's cross-chain launches, and continuing to support community initiatives and market alerts 5,6,7,10,12. They also plan to gather community feedback on the Synchronicity Price Adapter "Killswitch" Functionality for LST Emode and continue their research and development efforts 7,12.

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