Add USDT to Ethereum v3

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Solarcurve initiated a discussion about the need for integrating USDT into Ethereum v3 to facilitate the creation of new boosted pools from Balancer, in response to the bbaUSD stable pool's protocol fee issue. Despite suggestions to switch to "bbeUSD", the decision was to wait for the new bbaUSD, with MarcZeller redirecting USDT V3 onboarding ARFC discussions to a separate post.

The discussion was initiated by Solarcurve, who brought up the importance of integrating USDT into Ethereum v3 to aid in the creation of new boosted pools from Balancer. This was in response to the current flagship stable pool, bbaUSD, ceasing to pay protocol fees due to an issue identified by Balancer. The user suggested that a migration from bbaUSD to new pools that correctly pay protocol fees is on the horizon. However, the creation of a new bbaUSD using Aave v3 is currently not feasible, and using Aave v2 would necessitate another migration in the future.

Solarcurve proposed waiting for bbaUSD on v3 to avoid unnecessary migrations. The user also pointed out that many tokens are paired against bbaUSD and suggested changing the protocol fee from bbaUSD to "bbeUSD", or Euler boosted USD. Despite this proposal, the decision was made to wait for the new bbaUSD. Solarcurve concluded by expressing anticipation for the arrival of USDT on Ethereum v31.

The discussion was then redirected by MarcZeller, who suggested that conversations about USDT V3 onboarding ARFC should be moved to a dedicated post. This was to prevent duplicate discussions, and the current topic was subsequently closed2. This summary provides a comprehensive overview of the discussion, highlighting the key points and decisions made.

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