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The discussion centered on a proposal to include BAL (Balancer) in the Aave Ethereum v3 Liquidity Pool, with potential benefits to Aave's GHO and aToken adoption. After adjustments to risk parameters and community voting, the proposal received support and was submitted as part of a combined v3 asset listing AIP, with a BIP also submitted for BAL's migration from Ethereum v2 to v3, expected to add significant value to Aave.

The discussion primarily focused on a proposal by Llamaxyz to include BAL (Balancer) in the Aave Ethereum v3 Liquidity Pool. The proposal was based on the strategic value of BAL to Aave and its potential to boost the adoption of GHO and/or the new aToken being developed by AaveCompanies. The risk parameters were initially the same as those provided by Gauntlet in the initial forum post discussing which assets to onboard to v3 Ethereum. Solarcurve supported the proposal, citing BAL's farming opportunities and attractiveness to heavy farmers.

Pauljlei from Gauntlet was asked to comment on the proposal, and they responded that they were re-evaluating the parameters in line with updated market conditions. Wfu from Gauntlet suggested adjustments to the risk parameters, including lowering the loan to value and the liquidation threshold for BAL, and updating the supply cap to reflect current market conditions. They also proposed an update to the debt ceiling and changes to the LB and Stable Slope1 to align with their original recommendation.

The proposal was updated to include these amendments and a Snapshot was created for community voting. The proposal received ACI support and a favourable YAE Snapshot vote, leading to the preparation of the AIP for vote. MatthewGraham informed that the proposal was submitted as part of a combined v3 asset listing AIP submission for the community to vote on. He also mentioned that Llamaxyz has submitted a BIP on Balancer’s Governance Forum to migrate BAL from Ethereum v2 to v3 once BAL has been added. This is expected to lead to a significant deposit into Aave v3 Ethereum BAL Reserve, adding substantial value to Aave.

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