[ARFC] LDO Emission_Admin for Ethereum, Arbitrum and Optimism v3 Liquidity Pools

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Llamaxyz proposed that Lido distribute LDO rewards across Aave v3 Ethereum, Arbitrum, and Optimism Liquidity Pools, with the Emission_Admin role for each network controlled by a Lido DAO wallet. The proposal, supported by community members, is now up for a vote, with the Lido Liquidity Mining Committee (LMC) responsible for setting the emission rate and duration of the LDO rewards.

The discussion primarily revolved around a proposal put forth by Llamaxyz, suggesting that Lido should distribute LDO rewards across the Aave v3 Ethereum, Arbitrum, and Optimism Liquidity Pools. The proposal detailed that the Emission_Admin role for LDO on each network would be controlled by a wallet under the Lido DAO's jurisdiction. This role is crucial as it governs the distribution of LDO rewards across the respective Liquidity Pool. The Lido Liquidity Mining Committee (LMC) would be responsible for determining the emission rate and duration of the LDO rewards. The proposal also provided the specific Lido addresses for the Emission_Admin permission for LDO on each network1.

The proposal received support from several community members, including MarcZeller and WintermuteGovernance 2,4. This support indicates a positive reception within the community, suggesting that the proposal aligns with the interests of the majority.

To conclude, Llamaxyz announced the commencement of a Snapshot for the proposal. The voting period was set to extend over the weekend, concluding on Monday at midday BST3. This announcement marked the beginning of the decision-making process, with the community's consensus to be determined by the vote's outcome.

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