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The Claps App, proposed by Jacoblair, is a health tracking application that uses AI and blockchain technology to motivate healthier lifestyle choices and address global health issues. It features unique functionalities like self-report measures, detection of vital signs through facial videos, NFTs representing users' health data, and online consultations, aiming to make healthcare more accessible and affordable.

The discussion primarily revolved around Claps, an innovative health tracking app introduced by Jacoblair1. This app, which combines gaming and personal health tracking, aims to motivate users to adopt healthier lifestyle choices. It utilizes AI algorithms to analyze health data and provide personalized recommendations, with an option for users to consult with a health practitioner if necessary. The app's objectives encompass a broad range of health issues, including chronic disease prevention, maternal and infant health, mental and behavioral health, nutrition, exercise, obesity prevention, and substance abuse1.

The technology underpinning Claps is quite advanced, incorporating the GPT-3 AI model developed by OpenAI and blockchain technology for data storage and management. The app was proposed by Jacob Lee, director of the digital health team at the Taiwan Research-based Biopharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (TRPMA)1. It seeks to address several market problems, such as the global rise in mental health issues, the impact of COVID-19 on individuals with chronic diseases, and high healthcare costs1.

Jacoblair further elaborated on the significant implications of high healthcare costs and proposed solutions to make healthcare more affordable and accessible1. These solutions include AI assistants for personal health and health practitioners, Web3 technologies for data privacy, and various features of the Claps App. The app's features include self-report measures for mental health and body pain, detection of heartbeat and blood pressure changes through smartphone-captured facial videos, a collection of NFTs, subscription of healthcare education, and online consultations with AI or healthcare practitioners1.

The Claps App operates on a unique model where users download the app, create an account, and track their mental health. The app integrates with a blockchain platform, aggregates users' health data, and assigns a value to it. A DAO issues NFTs representing the users' health data, which can be purchased by interested enterprises. Users can view, manage, and sell their NFTs within the app, with the value of the NFTs fluctuating based on market supply and demand. The DAO governs the operation of the app and makes decisions related to the issuance and sale of NFTs1. This innovative approach to health tracking and data management could potentially revolutionize the healthcare industry by making it more accessible and affordable.

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