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ChaosLabs proposed a new framework to improve communication and collaboration among Aave Risk Managers, including the formation of a Risk Council. The community generally supports this, with ongoing discussions about implementation specifics and coordinating risk assessments for new asset listings.

The discussion primarily revolved around the proposal by ChaosLabs for a new framework aimed at enhancing communication and collaboration among Aave Risk Managers. The proposed framework includes the formation of a Risk Council to streamline risk management, with the ultimate goal of providing clarity to the community, optimizing the benefits of multiple risk perspectives, and reducing overhead for all involved parties. The framework also encourages private and direct collaboration between risk managers in certain situations, such as major security risks and coordination of proposals regarding new chain or asset listings1.

Community members Dtalwar and Fig supported the framework, emphasizing the need for consistency, simplicity, and ease of decision-making for the community. They suggested strategies such as maintaining discussions in a single thread, setting up open communication lines, and having regular syncs and a shared work tracker2,3.

The conversation also delved into the specifics of coordinating and creating proposals with independent analyses and parameter recommendations, as queried by MatthewGraham4. ChaosLabs clarified that this refers to the initial risk parameter recommendations for listing assets, and suggested that risk managers should prepare analyses and recommendations for the community5. MatthewGraham highlighted several proposed asset listings that are yet to receive risk parameters from Gauntlet or Chaos, including wstETH on Optimism, cbETH, and BADGER6. He also noted that Llamaxyz is progressing with the qualitative review for wstETH and BADGER, with the findings to be published on the forum soon6.

In conclusion, the community appears to be in favor of the proposed framework by ChaosLabs, with discussions ongoing regarding the specifics of its implementation and the coordination of risk assessments for new asset listings.

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