Revenue sharing to $Aave token stakers

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Gkatala proposed enhancing the $AAVE token's appeal by generating a #RealYield for stakers using currencies like $USDC or $ETH, not token inflation. However, EzR3aL opposed this, citing potential minimal returns, treasury risks, loss of key stakeholder support, and arguing that $AAVE isn't ready for such a change, leaving the community without consensus.

The discussion primarily revolved around the proposal by Gkatala to enhance the attractiveness of the $AAVE token by generating a form of #RealYield and distributing it to stakers. The yield, according to the proposal, would not be generated through token inflation but through other forms of currencies such as $USDC or $ETH. This suggestion, however, was met with opposition from EzR3aL who expressed concerns about the potential minimal returns from such a distribution and the risk of the treasury drying up.

EzR3aL further argued that this could lead to a loss of support from key stakeholders such as Llama, Gauntlet, BGD, and the Aave companies. They contended that the #RealYield narrative is not sustainable for most protocols and that $AAVE is not ready for such a change. The discussion thus presents a divergence of views on the future direction of $AAVE, with the community yet to reach a consensus on the matter.

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