Chaos Labs - Monthly Community Update

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Chaos Labs has significantly contributed to the Aave community by managing risks, proposing updates, and supporting new features, earning community trust and approval for expanded responsibilities. Despite some setbacks due to external factors, their proactive approach and the launch of a Risk Portal have been positively received, though no next steps have been outlined yet.

What is this about?

Chaos Labs has been actively involved in the Aave community, focusing on risk management and the implementation of various proposals. They played a significant role in the aftermath of the CRV attack by proposing AIP-125 and suggesting risk parameter updates for Aave V2 and V3. Their proposal for initial onboarded assets was selected for the Ethereum V3 launch, and they have been instrumental in supporting the CRV Interest Rate Curve Upgrade and a supply cap for AAVE on Optimism V3. Additionally, Chaos Labs has collaborated with Gauntlet on a plan to wind down Aave V2 markets to facilitate the transition to V3, which includes bi-weekly LT reductions.

How is the community reacting?

The community has shown support for Chaos Labs by approving the Chaos Labs Scope and Compensation Amendment, which broadens their responsibilities to encompass all of Aave, including V2 and GHO. Chaos Labs has been proactive in publishing proposals for risk parameter updates and new asset listings, as well as providing analysis and support for various other proposals. Their collaboration with Gauntlet and the unanimous passage of their renewal proposal reflect the community's trust in their expertise and contributions.

Why this is positive?

  • Chaos Labs has launched a Risk Portal that centralizes access to recommendations, data, and risk monitoring.
  • They have provided initial parameter recommendations for the launch of Base and plan to support its growth.
  • They have published proposals for risk parameter updates on various Aave markets and supported key proposals aimed at optimizing the Aave ecosystem.
  • Chaos Labs has been involved in supporting the launch of Gnosis Chain and integrating it into their Risk Portal, ensuring ongoing support for parameter optimization and new asset listings.

Why this is negative?

  • Some of Chaos Labs' proposals, such as measures to mitigate MAI token price fluctuations and an alternative strategy for the CRV market on Aave V2, were cancelled due to external factors like the Vyper exploit and CRV price volatility.

Next actions

No next action has been determined.

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