Gauntlet's Proposal for Aave Protocol Risk Management: Failure and Future

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The discussion explores the relationship between Gauntlet Network and the Aave community, focusing on risk management in the Business-to-DAO (B2DAO) environment, with topics like CRV market bad debt and liquidation system. The community is encouraged to provide feedback on the Aave DAO, with updates and the full article available on the Messari platform.

The discussion primarily revolves around the relationship between Gauntlet Network and the Aave community, with a focus on the renewal of risk management services with the DAO. Karo from the Messari Governor team has provided a comprehensive article detailing this relationship. The article delves into various topics including the CRV market bad debt, the liquidation system, and potential improvements.

In addition, the article also explores the broader Business-to-DAO (B2DAO) environment from a risk management perspective. Karo has invited the community to provide feedback and suggestions for improvement or review of anything related to the Aave DAO on Governor. The article is freely accessible on the Messari platform and updates on DAOs can be obtained through the Messari Governor Newsletter1.

In conclusion, the discussion emphasizes the importance of risk management in the B2DAO environment, particularly in the context of the Aave community and Gauntlet Network. The community is encouraged to actively participate in the discussion and provide their insights and suggestions.

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