Sent aave to wrong address please help

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The conversation focused on a transaction hash shared by Pivor89 involving counterfeit AAVE tokens sent to a wrong address, leading to lost transaction fees. Neptune suggested retiring the wallet for safety, but later concluded there was no significant issue, easing initial fears of serious implications.

The discussion primarily revolved around a transaction hash posted by Pivor89. However, Neptune pointed out that this was not the appropriate forum for such a post. The transaction in question involved fake AAVE tokens that were mistakenly sent to the wrong address. Despite the tokens being counterfeit, the transaction fees were unfortunately lost.

In light of this, Neptune recommended that Pivor89 retire the wallet for safety reasons. This was due to the uncertainty surrounding whether the smart contract had spending permissions for other tokens. Despite the initial concern, Neptune concluded that there was no significant issue at hand2. This conclusion brought a sense of relief to the discussion, as it was initially feared that the transaction could have had more serious implications.

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