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ChaosLabs has proposed to expand their engagement with Aave to include risk management for v2 markets and support the transition to Ethereum v3, following their approval as a risk partner for Aave v3. The proposal, which includes a 5-month engagement with a compensation of $250k, received community support and was approved in a Snapshot vote, marking a significant step in managing risk and ensuring a smooth transition to Ethereum v3.

The community has been actively discussing the proposal by ChaosLabs to expand their engagement with Aave to include proactive risk analysis and management of the v2 markets, while also supporting a safe migration to the upcoming Ethereum v3 deployment. This proposal comes in the wake of their approval as a risk partner for Aave v3 and their ongoing work on the Community Parameter Recommendations. The recent market volatility and concerns about Aave v2 have led them to shift resources to support this version as well. They have been actively coordinating with other DAO contributors to submit several risk proposals and have published research on various topics to inform community discussion1.

ChaosLabs proposed a 5-month engagement to transition from v2 to v3, with a compensation of $250k streamed over the period. The compensation would be 30% in AAVE tokens and 70% in stablecoins. They planned to discuss the proposal with the community before moving forward with a Snapshot vote1. The proposal received support from several community members including Lbsblockchain, Eboado, Fig, and Kene_StableLab, who praised ChaosLabs' involvement, results, and efforts in the different risk fields of the community 3,5,6,7.

The Snapshot vote, which ran from December 21st to December 24th, was successful, leading to ChaosLabs publishing the AIP and expressing their excitement to expand their engagement to the v2 markets 4,8. MarcZeller confirmed that the ACI voted in support of Chaos Labs in both the snapshot and AIPs vote and looked forward to working with them9. This marks a significant step in the community's efforts to manage risk and ensure a smooth transition to Ethereum v3.

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