[Discussion] Migrate, Consolidate and Deploy Polygon Treasury

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Llamaxyz proposed a strategic plan to restructure Aave's funds on Polygon, aiming to generate additional revenue and prepare for a potential GHO launch. The proposal includes asset migration, creation of new Aave Boosted Pools, and risk management discussions, with the community generally supportive but cautious about risk exposure.

The discussion initiated by Llamaxyz revolves around a proposal to migrate, consolidate, and deploy Aave's assets from the Polygon v2 Collector Contract to v3 Treasury addresses. The proposal aims to restructure Aave's funds on Polygon and generate additional revenue streams. It includes transferring assets from v2 to v3, swapping GHST, xSUSHI, and DPI for USDC, and deploying DAI, USDC, and USDT funds into the newly created Aave Boosted Pool. The proposal also suggests transferring BAL and CRV assets back to Ethereum, as they are considered strategic to the DAO’s future growth.

The proposal further includes the creation of several new Aave Boosted Pools on Balancer v2, which would contain more than 50% productive assets, qualifying for Core Pool status. Aave is expected to earn 50% of the aToken-derived yield, 50% of the staked MATIC yield, and 50% of the fees + the BAL emission rewards by being a Liquidity Providers (LPs) within the pool. The proposal also suggests depositing half of the main three stablecoin holdings (USDC, DAI, and USDT) on Polygon, which would allocate 12.8% of the total stablecoin treasury of the Aave Treasury.

Llamaxyz is seeking feedback from the community on this proposal, which is a blend of treasury management and preparing the asset allocation for the potential GHO launch on Polygon. G-Blockchain supports the proposal but suggests a discussion about the maximum risk the community is willing to face towards a counterparty. They believe that no more than 20% of treasury assets should be deployed to Balancer strategies across all networks to limit risk. Llamaxyz responds by stating that at the time of writing, 12.8% of Aave's stable coins are being used to provide early liquidity into the Polygon bb-a-USD pool, which is less than the 20% figure mentioned.

In conclusion, the discussion is centered around a strategic proposal to restructure Aave's funds on Polygon, generate additional revenue streams, and prepare for the potential GHO launch on Polygon. The community is generally supportive of the proposal, with suggestions for risk management being considered.

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