Proposal to Deploy Aave on ThunderCore

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The ThunderCore community has proposed a collaboration with Aave to deploy Aave on the ThunderCore Blockchain, which is fully interoperable with Ethereum and has a significant user base. Despite concerns about profitability, the community is optimistic about the potential growth and benefits this partnership could bring, supported by ThunderCore's established partnerships, a $10M Dev program, a $100M Web3 fund, and its support for Web2 industries.

The ThunderCore community has proposed a collaboration with Aave, suggesting the deployment of Aave on the ThunderCore Blockchain. This blockchain is fully interoperable with Ethereum and boasts a significant user base of over 400,000 monthly active users. ThunderCore has also developed the TT Wallet, an all-in-one crypto wallet, and has established partnerships with projects such as CEXISWAP and 91APP. The community is confident that this collaboration will foster sustainable growth within the ecosystem.

ThunderCore's support for Web2 industries in their blockchain adoption is noteworthy. The blockchain has 6.4 million addresses, with over 450 million transactions, 2700+ tokens, and 10 million+ NFT collections. To further encourage development on ThunderCore, they have established a 10 million dollar Dev program and a 100 million dollar Web3 fund.

Despite the optimism, some concerns have been raised. User Tor_GAINS questioned the profitability of deploying Aave on ThunderCore, pointing to ThunderCore's $4M TVL as a potential issue 1,2. This concern, while valid, does not seem to have deterred the overall enthusiasm for the proposed collaboration. The community appears to be looking forward to the potential benefits and growth that the partnership with Aave could bring.

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