Aave V3 User Retention Dashboards and Analytics

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Dapplooker, a multi-chain smart contract query and analytics platform, supports various blockchain networks and provides detailed user retention and transaction data. It has developed Aave retention dashboards, been awarded the Aave grant, and recognized for its work on Aave v3 User Retention Analytics and Defi Analytics for multiple networks, with a comparison revealing Aave Avalanche v3 has more unique borrowers and depositors than Aave Avalanche v2.

The discussion primarily revolves around Dapplooker, a no-code, multi-chain smart contract query and analytics platform for blockchain Dapps. The platform supports various networks such as Ethereum, Polygon, Moonbeam, Near, Celo, and more. It has been awarded the Aave grant and has developed an Aave retention dashboard for the Ethereum and Polygon Network, which provides data on user transactions, deposits, and AMM. The platform's capabilities extend to user retention analysis, tracking real-time analytics, and other specific data points to understand customer behavior and engagement. Metrics provided include aggregated metrics like total transactions, unique users, cohort analysis on deposit amount and user transactions, and funnel metrics tracking user engagement over time.

Dapplooker has also been recognized for its work on Aave v3 User Retention Analytics and Aave v3 Defi Analytics for Avalanche, Polygon, and Optimism networks. It has also developed Aave V3 User Retention dashboards for these networks and a Defi Analytics Dashboard for Aave v3. The Aave V2 vs. V3 Dashboard shows the adoption of the new protocol over the previous one, covering key metrics that show how users have reacted to the launch of Aave V3 on Avalanche.

The discussion concludes with Dapplooker sharing a comparison between Aave v2 and v3, revealing that Aave Avalanche v3 has approximately 8500 more monthly unique borrowers and depositors than Aave Avalanche v2. Aave V2 Polygon has a total value of $3,467,090,219, significantly higher than the $96,586,939 for Aave v3 Polygon. Avalanche has the highest value locked at $477,130,730, with December revenue at $27460, compared to Optimism and Polygon. The community members were invited to perform analytics and contribute to their mission of building a data-driven web3. The discussion also included insights from 0xbilll and Dankbelfort, who provided their perspectives on the data shared by Dapplooker.

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