ARC: Onboard Gamma Strategies' USDC/GHO Uni v3 Collateral to Mint GHO

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Gamma Strategies proposed listing their GHO-USDC LP position as collateral in an isolated lending market on Aave v3, allowing users to deposit GHO-USDC ERC-20 LP tokens and borrow GHO. While this could deepen liquidity and proliferate GHO distribution, concerns about systemic risks and the need for a stable GHO market and cautious LTV ratios were raised, necessitating further discussion and risk assessment.

The discussion revolves around a proposal by BP_Gamma from Gamma Strategies to list their GHO-USDC Uniswap v3 Liquidity Provider (LP) position as collateral in an isolated lending market on Aave v31. This would allow users to deposit GHO-USDC ERC-20 LP tokens as collateral and borrow newly minted GHO, with the aim of deepening liquidity and proliferating the distribution of GHO in the ecosystem without any liquidity mining incentives1.

Gamma Strategies, launched in March 2021, is an active liquidity manager on Uniswap v3 that creates an ERC-20 wrapper around its managed positions. The GHO-USDC LP tokens are used as a receipt token for providing liquidity on Uniswap v3, giving holders financial rights to their portion of the underlying assets and fees returned from providing liquidity1.

However, concerns were raised by L0GYKAL and 0xdars about potential systemic risks, particularly with the idea of collateralizing GHO with GHO 2,3. BP_Gamma responded that the proposed isolated lending market was designed to mitigate these types of risks, and asked for further discussion on the potential risks, particularly in the event of GHO depegging4. 0xdars agreed with BP_Gamma's points and expressed interest in further exploring the concept of isolated markets5.

PennBlockchain expressed caution towards the proposal, suggesting that it should be implemented months after a stable GHO has reached the market. They also stated that they would not be comfortable with anything above a 50% Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratio8. BP_Gamma agreed with the need for caution and suggested looking at MakerDAO as a case study. They also emphasized that this should be an isolated market where only GHO can be borrowed against USDC-GHO LP9.

In conclusion, while the proposal by Gamma Strategies to list their GHO-USDC LP position as collateral in an isolated lending market on Aave v3 has potential benefits, it also raises concerns about systemic risks. Further discussion and risk assessment are needed before implementation.

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