[ARC] Polygon and Avalanche v2 -> v3 Treasury Migration

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The Aave community is discussing an Aave Request for Comment (ARC) proposed by Llamaxyz to migrate v2 Collector holdings from Avalanche and Polygon to v3 Treasury holdings, simplifying asset management and increasing security. The community supports the proposal, with suggestions for automation, permissionless migration, and improvements to the Collectors codebase, and plans to consolidate aBAL holdings into a single Aave deployment.

The discussion primarily revolves around an Aave Request for Comment (ARC) proposed by Llamaxyz. The ARC aims to migrate v2 Collector holdings from Avalanche and Polygon to the v3 Treasury holdings, thereby unifying the Treasury addresses on both platforms. This move is expected to consolidate Aave DAO’s holdings, simplify proposals interacting with assets held in the Collector Contracts, and reduce the chance of errors by deprecating the v2 Collector Contract address1. The proposal is motivated by Aave DAO's significant liquidity supply to the Polygon and Avalanche v2 Liquidity Pools and the increased security offered by the newer v3 deployment1.

Several users, including Fig and Sakulstra, have expressed support for the proposal and suggested ways to automate the process and allow permissionless migration2,3. Bgdlabs has been working on improvements to the Collectors codebase and architectural flow and proposed unifying the implementation-under-proxy of all v3 Collectors with the most updated version, the Aave v2 Ethereum. This would simplify potential integration and remove the need for a ControllerOfCollector smart contract4. Bgdlabs also suggested changing the interaction flow and introducing an extra step of claiming rewards from different LM programs on v2, and transferring them to v3 Collectors4.

The discussion concludes with Llamaxyz confirming that they had been in touch with Bgdlabs and that their proposal would be incorporated into the Bgdlabs ARC. They also mentioned a plan to consolidate the aBAL holdings into a single Aave deployment and enable aBAL + aETH to be converted to veBAL6. This discussion reflects a collective effort to improve the Aave platform's efficiency and security, with a focus on simplifying the migration process and consolidating holdings.

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