Aave v3 is now live on RiskDAO’s Bad Debt Dashboard

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Aave v3 is now integrated with RiskDAO's Bad Debt Dashboard, enabling real-time tracking of bad debt across all Aave v3 markets, enhancing transparency in DeFi lending protocols. Despite generally low bad debt levels, concerns have been raised about significant bad debt in AAVE Harmony V3.

The Aave v3 platform is now live on RiskDAO's Bad Debt Dashboard, a significant development announced by NonstopTheo. This integration, funded by a grant from Aave Grants DAO to RiskDAO, allows for real-time tracking of bad debt data across all Aave v3 markets, including Arbitrum, Avalanche, Optimism, and Polygon. The data, beneficial to Aave users, contributors, community, and token holders, is fully open source and available on GitHub. Once v3 is live on Ethereum, the data will also be supported in the dashboard, making Aave the only major lending platform to monitor its bad debt across all of its multichain deployments1.

RiskDAO's Bad Debt Dashboard was created to bring transparency to DeFi lending protocols by displaying the insolvency level of these protocols. As of November 10, 2022, the total bad debt in Aave v3 was a relatively small amount of $16.1k. The dashboard provides a chain-by-chain breakdown to highlight where bad debt accrues, allowing anyone to access and track changes in bad debt without waiting for official reports or disclosures1. However, Tobes noted that AAVE Harmony V3 has a significant amount of bad debt2.

In conclusion, the integration of Aave v3 into RiskDAO's Bad Debt Dashboard has increased transparency in DeFi lending protocols, providing real-time tracking of bad debt data across multiple markets. Despite the overall low level of bad debt in Aave v3, there are concerns about the significant amount of bad debt in AAVE Harmony V3.

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