October 2022 Financial Report

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The October 2022 financial report presented by Llamaxyz showed a 26.8% decrease in revenue and a 62.5% decrease in outflows, with total treasury holdings at $164.9m. The community is encouraged to suggest new financial metrics to improve reporting and analysis capabilities using data from the Llama data warehouse.

The discussion primarily revolved around the financial report for October 2022, presented by Llamaxyz. The report highlighted a significant decrease in revenue by 26.8% compared to the previous month. The total treasury holdings were reported to be $164.9m, with an annualized revenue of $17.6m. There was also a notable decrease in outflows by 62.5%.

Llamaxyz further encouraged the community members to contribute by suggesting any financial metrics they would like to see developed. The objective behind this initiative is to enhance the financial metrics available to the community. This would enable any member to publish accurate financial content on Aave using the data from the Llama data warehouse.

In conclusion, the discussion was a comprehensive review of the financial status of the community, with an emphasis on the importance of community involvement in developing financial metrics. The decrease in revenue and outflows were the key points of concern, and the community's input is sought for improving the financial reporting and analysis capabilities.

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