Listing Proposal: UMA, LRC, OMG, RenBTC

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The AAVE community discussed the potential of listing OMG, UMA, RenBTC, and LRC as collateral options, with a focus on OMG and renBTC due to their robust liquidity and potential to enhance the DeFi ecosystem. The discussion also involved anticipation for the release of AAVE V2, which was advised to wait for before initiating an official vote for listing.

The discussion began with Depressedape proposing a poll to assess the community's opinion on listing OMG, UMA, RenBTC, and LRC as collateral options in AAVE. This proposal was based on the robust liquidity of these options and their potential to enhance the DeFi ecosystem1. Defifrog chimed in with more details about renBTC, highlighting its high approval rate2.

Given the strong support for OMG, Depressedape suggested initiating an official vote for its listing first and sought advice from the Aave team on whether to wait for the release of V23. MarcZeller recommended waiting for V2, which was soon to be launched4. Once V2 was released, Shaners42 inquired about the possibility of starting the official OMG vote5.

In addition to the initial suggestions, Clouds proposed considering renBTC and renFIL for listing, as REN was already a part of AAVE6. The discussion thus revolved around expanding the collateral options in AAVE, with a particular focus on OMG and renBTC, and the anticipation of the V2 release.

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