Adding UNI as collateral to AAVE v3 Optimism and Arbitrum

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The discussion initiated by Rileys2245 proposed adding the UNI token as collateral on AAVE v3 Optimism and Arbitrum, citing its wide distribution and significant daily volumes. Quasimatt advised submitting an Aave Request for Comments (ARC) with relevant risk data and rationale for the proposal, which will aid the community in evaluating the suggestion.

The discussion was sparked by Rileys2245, who proposed the addition of the UNI token as supported collateral on AAVE v3 Optimism and Arbitrum. The user highlighted the wide distribution of the UNI token and the significant daily volumes of the associated Uniswap protocol on both the Optimism and Arbitrum network. The user expressed confusion over the absence of the UNI token on AAVE v3, given its long-standing presence on Aave v2, and sought guidance on advancing this proposal1.

Quasimatt responded to this query by advising Rileys2245 to submit an Aave Request for Comments (ARC) that includes relevant risk data and a rationale for the proposed use of UNI as collateral. They also provided resources for further understanding of the proposal process and implementation, directing Rileys2245 to a specific forum topic and governance documents2.

In conclusion, the discussion revolved around the potential inclusion of the UNI token as collateral on AAVE v3. The next steps involve the submission of an ARC with the necessary data and justification, as advised by Quasimatt. This will help the community to evaluate the proposal and make an informed decision.

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