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Marcus90 initiated a community discussion on classifying AAVE, a Chainlink-operated lending platform, as a typical layer 3 (application layer) in traditional layer categorization. The discussion, rich in diverse viewpoints, served as a knowledge-sharing platform, despite no unanimous agreement on the proposed classification.

The discussion was sparked by Marcus90, a student of cryptocurrency, who proposed a classification for AAVE within the traditional layer categorization. He suggested that AAVE, a lending platform that operates on Chainlink, should be classified as a typical layer 3, also known as the application layer. This proposition was put forth to the community for their thoughts and to ascertain if his perspective was overly simplified1.

Several community members weighed in on the topic, providing their insights and perspectives. The discussion was rich with varying viewpoints, with some agreeing with Marcus90's classification, while others proposed alternative categorizations. The conversation was both enlightening and engaging, with members actively participating and sharing their knowledge.

In conclusion, the discussion initiated by Marcus90 led to a vibrant exchange of ideas and perspectives on the classification of AAVE within the classical layer categorization. While there was no unanimous agreement on the classification, the discussion was a testament to the diverse viewpoints within the community. It served as a platform for learning and sharing knowledge, further strengthening the community's understanding of the subject matter.

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