BGD. Aave v3 Deployments. Technical evaluation framework of a network

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Bgdlabs proposes a comprehensive evaluation criteria for networks aiming to deploy Aave v3, covering technical aspects and a framework for assessing potential network candidates. The proposal aims to streamline the process, making it more transparent and efficient, and concludes with an application of this framework on community-supported networks like Metis.

The discussion primarily revolves around the proposal by Bgdlabs for a comprehensive set of evaluation criteria for networks seeking to deploy Aave v3. The user emphasizes the need for a transparent and precise framework of requirements, which would enable independent assessments of a network and facilitate informed voting decisions by the community. The proposed requirements cover a wide range of technical aspects, including oracle infrastructure, block explorers, compatibility with Ethereum RPC endpoints, disclosure of non-EVM/Ethereum features, quality RPC endpoints/providers, chainId behavior, support by major wallet providers, address formatting, on-chain multi-signature infrastructure, and liquidity on assets to be listed.

In addition to these, Bgdlabs also proposes a framework for evaluating potential network candidates for Aave deployment. This includes the need for a reliable and feature-complete bridging infrastructure, full disclosure of network security and points of centralization, commitment in a catastrophe scenario on the network, simulation/fork infrastructure, support of data indexing solutions, and a post-deployment contact channel with entities around Aave. The user also outlines the steps that should be taken before a deployment can happen, including a forum post by the candidate’s network, a sentiment poll on Snapshot, a technical evaluation, and a Snapshot vote to approve deployment.

The discussion concludes with Bgdlabs applying this framework on networks that have community support like Metis and encouraging teams looking for Aave v3 deployments to reach out for any clarification. This comprehensive framework, if adopted, could significantly streamline the process of evaluating and deploying Aave v3 on new networks, making it more transparent and efficient for all stakeholders involved.

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