Add collateral ratio notifications to UX

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The discussion centered on the challenges users face in managing crypto debt and avoiding liquidation, with suggestions for protocol notifications and user-friendly tools. Key proposals included a call-to-action on the user dashboard, social media communication, a health ratio calculator, and integration for setting debt position notifications, with the launch of DeFi Saver's automation for Aave offering liquidation protection and leverage increase as a significant advancement.

The discussion primarily focused on the challenges users face in managing their positions and avoiding liquidation. A key suggestion from TheoRochaix was the implementation of protocol notifications, which could be facilitated through HAL or another notification service. This would empower users by providing them with timely information, thereby reducing the risk of liquidations. He also proposed the addition of a call-to-action (CTA) on the user dashboard or the use of social media for communication1.

The conversation also touched on the need for tools to assist users in calculating their health ratio. Dux highlighted a tool created by Oaksprout and suggested that Aave should consider developing a similar one2. In response to the issue of liquidation protection, Reeser recommended defisaver.com3. TheoRochaix further clarified his idea, suggesting an integration that allows users to set notifications for their debt position, possibly through a simple tweet4. This idea was supported by Dux, who also advocated for a straightforward calculator tool5.

Towards the end of the discussion, Reeser shared a tweet from DeFi Saver announcing the launch of automation for Aave. This new feature includes liquidation protection for market dips and leverage increase for market uptrends, which could be a significant step forward for users managing crypto debt6. The discussion concluded with a general consensus on the need for more user-friendly tools and notifications to help users manage their positions and avoid liquidation.

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