#53: Feat: allow emergency admin to freeze on aave v2

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The pull request proposes a new file AllowEmergencyAdminToFreezeOnAaveV2.md to enhance Aave V2 security by enabling an emergency admin to freeze reserves on various Aave V2 pools. The implementation involves updating the freezeReserve() function and applying the change across all Aave V2 deployments.

The pull request introduces a new proposal file named AllowEmergencyAdminToFreezeOnAaveV2.md in the src/20231109_Multi_AllowEmergencyAdminToFreezeOnAaveV2 directory. The proposal aims to enhance the security of Aave V2 deployments by allowing an emergency admin to freeze reserves on Aave V2 pools. These pools include Aave V2 AMM, Aave V2 on Ethereum, Polygon, and Avalanche.

The technical implementation of this proposal involves updating the freezeReserve() function on the pool configurator. This update will incorporate the new onlyPoolOrEmergencyAdmin modifier. To apply this change across all Aave V2 deployments, the proposal suggests calling POOL_ADDRESSES_PROVIDER.setLendingPoolConfiguratorImpl(NEW_POOL_CONFIGURATOR); on AaveV2Ethereum, AaveV2EthereumAMM, AaveV2Polygon, and AaveV2Avalanche.

The pull request provides references to the implementation and tests for the proposed changes. It also includes a link to a discussion on the Aave governance forum for further community engagement and feedback. Lastly, the proposal waives copyright and related rights via CC0.

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