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Treasury Management - Transfer AURA holdings to GLC Safe

Introduces a new documentation file named TransferAURAToGLCSafe.md which is part of the AaveV3Ethereum project. Authored by karpatkey from TokenLogic, the document outlines a proposal for the transfer of AURA holdings from the Ethe...


feat: price oracle sentinel update

Introduces a new shell script named diff.sh into the aave-proposals-v3 repository, specifically within the src/20231125_Multi_UpdatePriceOracleSentinel directory. The purpose of this script is to facilitate the comparison of di...


Aave <> Gauntlet Renewal Proposal

Introduces a new markdown document titled "Gauntlet <> Aave Renewal 2023" which outlines a proposal for renewing Gauntlet's engagement with Aave for another 12 months, starting from December 28, 2023. The purpose of this engagement...


feat: add ci for js tests

Introduces a refinement in the generator/cli.ts file of the aave-proposals-v3 repository. Specifically, it removes an unnecessary pool property from the poolConfigs[pool] object within a conditional block that checks for the ...


Add gauntlet CRV update proposal.

Presents a new proposal document from Gauntlet, recommending the reactivation of CRV borrowing on Aave v3 for both Ethereum and Polygon networks. The proposal comes after CRV borrowing was previously disabled due to a Vyper exploit. ...


Fix a variety of small type errors so tsc runs cleanly

Introduces several improvements to the codebase of the aave-proposals-v3 repository, focusing on enhancing readability, type safety, and code efficiency. The changes are spread across four main areas:

  1. **Imports and Types Enha...

Pass pool identifier since it's not officially part of PoolConfig

Introduces modifications to the proposalTemplate function and its associated import statements within the aave-proposals-v3 repository. The primary change is the addition of a new parameter pool: PoolIdentifier to the `proposal...


Aavechan/wsteth listing base

Involves the addition of wrapped staked Ethereum (wstETH) as a new reserve to the Aave V3 protocol on the base network. The reserve has been configured with specific parameters such as a supply cap of 4,000 wstETH, a borrow cap of 40...


fix: emergency admin proposal

Proposes an enhancement to the Aave V2 pools, specifically granting the emergencyAdmin role the capability to freeze reserves, a feature that is already present in Aave V3. This change aims to standardize the security measures acro...


fix: update price oracle sentinel

Introduces a new documentation file named UpdatePriceOracleSentinel.md which outlines a proposal for updates to the Price Oracle Sentinel within the Aave V3 ecosystem. Authored by BGD Labs, the document is structured with sections ...

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